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Posted: 10/05/2024

Letter to Parents 10th May 2024




May 10th 2024

Dear Parents and students

Thank you for all your support this week.

By 1.30pm today, students had earned 1973 Excellent Effort Points for submission of personal best home- or classwork assignments. We have also sent a number of Homework reminder texts today, so some students will doubtless receive both Excellent Effort Points and Homework reminders. Where you do receive Homework text reminders for your child, please take a moment with them to go through what Homework is set for them by checking what they have written down in their planner and what shows in Google classroom.

So much learning that is valuable takes place outside the classroom and beyond the school gate. On Wednesday evening, I was privileged to watch 14 of our students perform Age is Revolting at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. They were supported by our 2 brilliant student theatre technicians. The production represented weeks of hard work and commitment from the whole team led by Ms Wallond. Our Head Boy gave a reading at the War Memorial in Hythe to commemorate Victory in Europe Day and 35 students are currently away on their Duke of Edinburgh Award qualifying weekend.  My thanks also to Mr Goss and Mr Haisell for their fine leadership of the student body in these activities.

Congratulations also to the large number of Years 11 & 13 students attending after school revision sessions for their Public Examinations, which are now getting underway.

Year 11 Weekly Revision Tips                                              Year 13 Weekly revision Tips

When we commence Public Examinations, we will vary our timetable, in order to ensure we provide students in Years 11 & 13 with the best possible support in advance of their next examinations by having the ‘right’ teacher for the ‘right’ subject in class with them. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of students maintaining the highest high levels of attendance to all their lessons during  Public Examinations.

We will remain mindful and watchful of student welfare and well-being in these crucial weeks. But if you have any concerns about your child or their understanding of what they need to revise to do their personal Best, please let us know. We are here to help.

With - thank goodness - the warmer weather arriving, we have loosened our requirement for students to wear blazers in classrooms during lessons and require that they wear them as they move around the site. We will loosen and tighten our requirements as we go, hopefully in step with the glorious British weather, keeping everyone as comfortable as possible and with students looking neat and ready to excel in their learning! 

We continue to follow the progress of Mr Zintel-Warner on his journey in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Cycling Around the World for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Episode 2: Cycling around the world for Great Ormond Street, Belgium


Have a lovely weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Joseph