Brockhill Park Performing Arts College Governors' Statement of Principles

  1. We aim to be a real community working together to inspire and empower all our students to achieve their full potential whatever their race, gender, class or abilities.
  2. Good behaviour is essential to the fulfilment of this aim. Good behaviour promotes effective learning and effective teaching and learning promotes good behaviour.
  3. We believe in a culture of respect for each other, the school and the community and in the importance of self-esteem and self-discipline.
  4. It is important to involve parents, carers and students in establishing and maintaining good behaviour and to provide positive role models in governors and staff.
  5. We strongly believe in the principles of equal opportunities and value cultural diversity.
  6. We will not tolerate bullying, violence, racism or sexism or any form of discrimination against any student, member of staff, parent, carer or visitor to the school.
  7. We have developed a clear system of rewards and sanctions which are to be applied consistently.
  8. We have a responsibility and desire to support those students with emotional and behavioural needs to enable them to be educated with their peers wherever possible.
  9. We endorse the school’s behaviour policy and undertake to monitor its effectiveness and to support staff in its implementation.
  10. We will ensure that teachers can teach and students can learn in an atmosphere of respect, security and enthusiasm.

Governing Body Structure

  • Up to 9 Governors appointed by the three Members
  • 3 Staff Governors including the Principal
  • 2 Parent Governors

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