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Our uniform supplier is Channel Uniform, Folkestone, CT20 2BB


Uniform List

  • Navy Blazer - must have school logo - Only available from Channel Uniforms 
  • Navy V-neck Jumper - must have school logo - Only available from Channel Uniforms
  • White Shirt or Blouse (long sleeved) - Packs available from Channel Uniforms 
  • Tie - must have stripe of House Colour - Only available from Channel Uniforms 
  • Black Trousers - Tailored Black (absolutely no jeans, leggings or shorts)
  • Black Skirts - Black skirt/stitched down pleated skirt - Available from Channel Uniforms
  • Socks or Tights - Black
  • Shoes - Black suitable for school, NO TRAINERS!
  • Outdoor Clothing/Coats - Warm, waterproof, black or navy (absolutely no denim, leather jackets or hooded tops to be worn. Any knitted top that is not a coat will not be permitted)
  • Scarves - Only to be worn in mid-winter and have to be black or dark blue
  • Hats - No hats without prior permission

The following are never acceptable for school wear

  •  Hooded tops
  • Trainers - shoes to be worn
  •  Shorts/tailored or otherwise
  •  Sweatshirts
  •  Baseball caps and skullcaps of any description
  •  Denim jackets
  •  Jeans of any sort
  •  ‘T’ shirt in place of white shirt or blouse
  •  High heeled shoes – there are dangerous on stairs, steps and slopes
  •  Skirts that are not from Channel Uniforms
  •  Leggings

Sports Clothing - Boys & Girls (Compulsory)

  • Games Polo Shirt - must have school logo - Only available from Channel Uniforms
  • Fully Reversible Long Sleeve Sports Top – must have school logo - Only available from Channel Uniforms
  • PE Shorts – Navy shadow stripe - Only available from Channel Uniforms
  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms – Plain, NO sports logo
  • Navy Sports Socks - Available from Channel Uniforms
  • Trainers
  • Football Boots - Ideal for winter sport and cross country
  • Shin Pads & Gum Shields – Ideal for Tag rugby and football 6 Dance Clothing - Boys & Girls (Compulsory)
  • Black Dance T-Shirt - must have school logo - Only available from Channel Uniforms
  • Black Tracksuit Bottoms - Plain, NO sports logo OTHER - Optional
  • Craft Apron - Available from Channel Uniforms*
Piercing is only permitted to the ears and limited to one per ear. For health and safety reasons ONLY sleepers and small studs are to be worn in school. Under NO circumstances is any facial piercing allowed. Students with eyebrow jewellery or similar will NOT be allowed to wear it in school. Jewellery must be discreet and safe in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations

Sixth Form Uniform

Sixth Form The Sixth Form occupy a very special and privileged position at Brockhill and their conduct in and around the site should always be of the highest example. Students are expected to dress for normal working days in a professionally acceptable manner. While there is no formal uniform in the Sixth Form, we expect students to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the business of school and serious study; showing consideration to all members of the school community. Students should not wear clothing that may be offensive to others nor dress in a way which may be seen as provocative. The dress code has been written in collaboration with the Sixth Form Council.
Students are expected to be clean and tidy in appearance. This includes hairstyles that have to be professional and hair has to be natural in colour.
We require that all students adhere to the following:
  • Boys are expected to wear ties and girls are expected to dress in formal office wear.
  • Tops should not be low cut, off-the shoulder, strappy, low back, halter-neck or vest style (Tops and dresses should cover the shoulders).
  • Jeans are not permissible
  • No leggings are to be worn
  • No shorts or any sportswear to be worn outside of lessons
  • No flip-flops or UGG style boots are permitted. If sandals are worn they must have a strap around the heel.
  • Caps and hats should not be worn on the school premises.
  • Facial piercing ARE NOT PERMITTED and any other associated jewellery removed for school.
  • Earrings may be worn (one per ear); neither flesh tunnels nor any other type of ear jewellery are acceptable.
  • Visible tattoos are not acceptable at this school and have to be covered.
  • Hoodies are not permissible.

Students are well-behaved and the staff are dedicated and caring. As a parent, I couldn't be happier with the education and experiences my children are receiving

Mrs Brooks (Parent)