What to study

How many subjects should I take?

Students will be given individual advice on course choices during the meeting with the Director of Sixth Form. They will be encouraged to choose subjects suited to them. This is based on their past achievement at GCSE and future career goals.

The amount of subjects you take is dependent upon the number of 9-5 grades you have achieved. To undertake Level 3 courses students should have generally achieved at least 5 GCSE’s at grades 9-5 including Mathematics and English. This will then allow you to choose 3 Advanced Level courses,which is generally the minimum amount you can start with.


Which subjects should I choose?

Your choice of Advanced Level subjects is an important decision. You should choose:

  • Subjects which you are good at. (Ask your teachers honest questions)
  • Subjects which will be suitable (or necessary) for certain careers.
  • Subjects which you enjoy.
  • A mixture of A levels and BTEC subjects. This is increasingly popular if you have not yet decided what career you would like to follow.
  • You could include an Applied A level.


A Levels

A level subject combinations:

  • A combination of Science A levels has a wider careers currency than a combination of arts A levels.
  • A mixture of Arts and Sciences can be a benefit and keep your career options open.
  • Applied KS5 qualifications include many skills which are of value in the future and you should consider including at least one Applied qualification in your choices.

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BTEC Diploma

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