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Parent & Student Guides


Parent and Student Guides Date  
A Full List of Resources from Letters to Parents March to July 2020 17th Jul 2020 Download
A Full List of Resources from Letters to Parents September to July 2021 16th Jul 2021 Download
Accessing Summer Packs and Resources 15th Jul 2021 Download
Arrangements for March 8th and Beyond Letter to Parents March 3rd 2021 04th Mar 2021 Download
Arrangements for May 17th and Beyond Copy 14th May 2021 Download
BPPAC Privacy Notice COVID 19 testing 18th Jan 2021 Download
Brightside Child Protection Policy May 2020 23rd Oct 2020 Download
Brightside platform security summary COVID update 23rd Oct 2020 Download
Calendar Changes March 21 17th Mar 2021 Download
Covid19 info bulletin CYP April2020 23rd Apr 2020 Download
Digital Library Autumn Term 2020 2021 15th Oct 2020 Download
Digital Library spring term second half 01st Mar 2021 Download
Digital Library spring term second half 08th Mar 2021 Download
Digital Library summer 2021 08th Jul 2021 Download
Digital Library Winter Reads 2020 16th Dec 2020 Download
Digital Parenting Vodafone Leaflet 09th Jul 2021 Download
Directory of Services for Children Young People Families 06th Jan 2021 Download
Downloading and starting the webex client 07th Jan 2021 Download
E Mentoring GCSE Support with CCCU 23rd Oct 2020 Download
Electronic Resources Leaflet and Password Sheet 20th Mar 2020 Download
Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support 13th May 2020 Download
EU Settlement Scheme 27th May 2021 Download
Face coverings in education March 2021 05th Mar 2021 Download
Free School Meal Parent and Guardian Ordering Leaflet 12th Jan 2021 Download
Free School Meals and Links to Information about other possible Financial Support 25th Sep 2020 Download
Free summer holiday events Telling the Otterpool Tale 16th Jul 2021 Download
Google Classroom Guardian Invitation 08th Sep 2020 Download
Google Meet App 23rd Jun 2020 Download
Handing in Assignments set outside Google Classroom 11th Jun 2020 Download
Handing in classwork through Google Classroom 05th May 2020 Download
How Students access a lesson through Webex 21st May 2020 Download
Keeping children safe during community activities after school clubs and tuition 08th Jul 2021 Download
Kent Police Schools Letter March 2021 12th Mar 2021 Download
Letter to Parents December 18th 2020 Covid 19 Testing at School 26th Feb 2021 Download
Letter to parents from Kent Educational Psychology Service Oct 20 15th Oct 2020 Download
Letter to Parents January 18th 2021 Covid 19 Testing at School 26th Feb 2021 Download
Letter to Year 6 Parents COVID 19 Testing July 12th 2021 14th Jul 2021 Download
NHS CoVID 19 Parent Guide 23rd Apr 2020 Download
NHS Test and Trace COVID19testing for school staffstudents and family members December 14th 14th Dec 2020 Download
Parent Consultation Days How to attend video appointments 16th Feb 2021 Download
Parent Consultation Days How to book and attend video appointments 01st Feb 2021 Download
Parent Leaflet Introduction of Schools Officers 26th Mar 2021 Download
Parent Toolkit A straightforward guide to protecting your children 08th Feb 2021 Download
Parents Consultations Days Years 11 13 Thursday April 1st 2021 Information Letter 22nd Mar 2021 Download
Pixl Student Resources 20th Mar 2020 Download
Privacy Notice Free School Meals Winter Food Voucher Scheme v2 AM 26th Nov 2020 Download
Reading Competition Folkestone Creative 25th Jan 2021 Download
Rosetta Stone 20th Mar 2020 Download
Sims Parent App Guide 20th Mar 2020 Download
Student Sims App 20th Mar 2020 Download
Studying for A levels and Much More The Parents Guide 24th Feb 2021 Download
Studying for GCSEs and Much More The Parents Guide 24th Feb 2021 Download
Summer Pack Checklist 15th Jul 2021 Download
The Benefits of reading 20 Minutes a Day 30th Mar 2021 Download
The Edge User Guide Student 07th May 2020 Download
The Parents Guide To Coping With Schoool Closures 27th Mar 2020 Download
The parents guide to national careers week 2021 02nd Mar 2021 Download
Unify Portal and Email 20th Mar 2020 Download
Using Google Classroom for Students 08th Sep 2020 Download
Winter Free School Meals 2020 FAQs for Parents and Carers 26th Nov 2020 Download
Year 8 Learning Pathway Letter to Parents 19th April 19th Apr 2021 Download