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Posted: 19/04/2024

Letter to Parents 19th April 2024




19th April 2024


Dear Parents and students

I hope you all had a peaceful Easter.

We welcomed students back to school on Monday morning and have settled quickly to work this week.

On Monday, teachers reminded students of Ground Rules in class to ensure teaching and learning take place with maximum efficiency. The College Leadership Team and I have toured classrooms each morning this week and been delighted with how students are applying themselves to their learning. They look smart and are very largely properly equipped for the school day. Thank you! Please see our student Equipment List HERE

As of 1.30pm we had sent 2363 Excellent Effort Points for the completion of personal best Home- or Classwork assignments.

As students in Years 11 & 13 approach Public Examinations, we will of course focus these final weeks on preparing them and giving them the tools to prepare themselves for these important examinations. But of course we remain mindful and will be watchful of student welfare and well-being in these crucial weeks.

Year 11 Weekly Revision Tips                                                        Year 13 Weekly Revision Tips

This term we will begin to follow our former History teacher, Mr Zintel-Warner’s round the world bicycle journey over 2 years in support of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Mr Zintel-Warner will stay in regular contact with us enabling our students to have a wider ‘window on the world’ through video updates of the journey, which we will use in assemblies.

Cycling Around the World for Great Ormond Street Hospital

On Tuesday, 33 Year 13 students visited the London Dungeon as a pre-examination outing, with 24 Year 12 A level English Literature and Drama students back in London at the Victoria Palace Theatre on Wednesday to see the Musical Hamilton.

Our weekly Family Friday sessions in Daily Tutor Time give the whole school community the opportunity to relax and engage in a conversation or activity together. Please see today’s, which welcomes students back to school and invites them to reflect on the benefits of exercise.

Family Friday, April 19th              

Just by way of reminder, here are our Term Dates for the rest of this school year.

Term Dates

Yours sincerely,

Charles Joseph