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Posted: 15/09/2023

Letter to Parents 15th September




September 15th 2023

Dear Parents  


Thank you for all your support of your child and us since our return to school. The students are settling very well and getting back into the routine of school.  

As of this morning, teachers had awarded a total of 3 163 Excellent Effort points to students this week. We really want to celebrate the effort and commitment of our students, and teachers will be checking in with students about the tasks we set over the summer holiday, so we acknowledge this too. 

I have held assemblies with all Year Groups this week and spoken to students about the importance of working hard on class and homework, representing themselves and Brockhill to the highest standards and crucially of being kind to and showing care for each other. It was an absolute pleasure to meet with the students and the highlight of my week! 

Our teachers will be running through our Using Google Classroom for Students guide with all their classes, and particularly with new Year 7s as we get underway. 

We want to encourage all our students to read for pleasure. Please ensure they choose a book and read each day for at least 20 minutes. Students who read daily develop their understanding and achieve so much more highly across their school subjects. Our Digital Library contains a range of exciting and enjoyable books to read for each year Group from Years 7 – 13.  

Digital Library Autumn Term 1st half 2023-2024 

Information Evenings for Years 7 & 8 went very well and we received much positive feedback from parents as to how useful they were. At the evenings parents find out about what their children will be learning at school and how they can navigate our website to check this easily. The event runs for just over an hour and Tutors are on hand to chat informally with parents. We look forward to welcoming the remaining Year Groups at 5.30pm on the following evenings with refreshments and the opportunity to view our Art Exhibition of student work.  

Year Group  



Year 9 

Tuesday, September 19th 2023 

Year 10  

Wednesday, September 20th 2023 

Year 11 

Thursday, September 21st 2023 

Year 12 

Tuesday, September 26th 2023 

Year 13 

Wednesday, September 27th 2023 

Of course, students are welcome to join their parents. Please do come. 

A word about buses 


Yours sincerely, 

Charles Joseph