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Posted: 25/03/2021

Letter to parents 25th March




 March 25th 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians


Thank you for all your support of us today. All has again run smoothly with Lateral Flow Testing and we have now tested Years 13, 11. 12, 10, 9 & 8 for the third time.

For Years 11 and 13 teachers will set work to be completed over the Easter Holiday. This work will be placed in the Google Classroom and specifically tailored to ensuring each student can access their personal best possible Centre Assessed Grade in each subject in assessment tests we will carry out from early next term. For all other Year Groups, we will continue to set Homework as per the school Homework timetable right up to the end of this term.

Free School Meals Vouchers for the Easter holiday funded by KCC will be sent out in the same way as for the half-term holiday by the KCC provider WONDE from next Wednesday.

Please see Parent and Guardian Ordering.

Bookings for our Years’ 11 & 13 Parents’ Consultation Day will remain open until Monday, March 29th at 3pm. It will not be possible to book appointments thereafter. See letter to parents

Please remind your daughter or son that mobile phones must be turned off and in the bottoms of bags during Daily Tutor time and subject lessons. Students must not use mobile phones before break or lunch when use will be permitted. This means that mobile phones should remain in students’ bags when moving between lessons. Where students disregard these requirements we may confiscate phones and ask parents to contact school to arrange collection. Students must not wear or carry headphones or ear pods in school at any time. Where students are not dressed in appropriate uniform / office wear for Sixth Form they will be sent home to change.

It is our intention to continue testing students once weekly as per the schedule below until the end of this term and to continue in the summer term. Please test your child at home once weekly 3 or 4 days apart from each in school test.

Year Group

In school test

At home test


Years 13 & 11

Monday AM

Wednesday Evening


Years 12 & 10

Tuesday AM

Thursday Evening


Year 9

Wednesday AM

Saturday Evening


Year 8

Thursday AM

Sunday Evening


Year 7

Friday AM

Tuesday Evening


Please remember to keep ordering Lateral Flow Test Kits for your family.

Order Rapid Lateral Flow Tests           

Yours Sincerely,

Sonette Schwartz



Charles Joseph

Senior Vice Principal