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Posted: 05/08/2020

Examination Results Days 2020

Examination Results 2020


Dear Parents and Year 11 & 13 students

We hope this letter finds you all well and safe.

We are writing in respect of the issuing of Examination Results to students this summer. Issuing of results will be by email. There will be no site issuing of Examination Results.

When we wrote to you earlier in the school year shortly after closure we informed you in general terms that Examination results would this year be based on school predictions validated by the Examination Boards.


We would like to give a little more detail here:


  1. Schools were asked to submit realistic predictions of examination grades.


  1. These predictions are considered by the Examination Boards against Key Stage 2 information held for students in respect of GCSE as well as Key Stage 4 information in respect of A Level / Level 3 courses.


  1. Schools are not allowed to discuss / reveal their Grade predictions with parents or students.


  1. Grounds for Appeal where a student or parent were unhappy with a Grade awarded would be very limited – only where a parent believed that an administrative error had taken place.

We submitted our predicted Grades to the Examination Boards in a timely manner, ensuring that these were optimistic as well as realistic.


Along with all our students and doubtless parents we now await results.




A level and Level 3 Btec Examination results will be emailed to each individual student’s school email accounts on Thursday, August 13th shortly before midday.

GCSE Examination results will be emailed to each individual student’s school email accounts on Thursday, August 20th shortly before midday.

We will also issue a reminder to parents via Intouch that the results have been sent to students’ email accounts. We will not be able to issue results to parents. Results will only be issued in the manner described Above. The school will not be open to students or parents in respect of Examination Results.

We hope very much that results will bring students all the success they and their parents are hoping for and that these results aid their next steps.


Please stay safe.

Yours sincerely


Sonette Schwartz                                    Charles Joseph

Principal                                                   Senior Vice Principal