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Posted: 23/07/2020

Letter to Parents and Students of current Year 6 students

July 23rd 2020

Letter to Parents and Students of current Year 6 students

Dear Parents and current Year 6 students

Following our letters earlier this week we are writing again today with news of our Digital Library and our Planning for September.

  1. Digital Library

Thanks to all the wonderful work of parents and primary school teachers primary children generally finish Year 6 with good reading habits. We are committed to students retaining and developing these in secondary school. We strongly advocate at least 20 minutes reading a day every day, as this is so helpful to developing student understanding across the full range of subjects. Today, we are providing you with a link to our Digital Library Summer Holiday reading list and recommend that students choose and read 1 – 2 titles from the Key Stage 3 section over the summer holiday. The titles have been chosen as they are engaging and interesting. If however you or your child prefer other titles, then please do choose these at the beginning of the holiday, so reading remains a routine.

  1. Planning for September

We are providing you with a link to our Planning for September letter, already sent to all parents of students currently at Brockhill. This explains in full the steps we have been and are currently taking in preparation for on site provision resuming at Brockhill.

Please stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Sonette Schwartz   



Charles Joseph

Senior Vice Principal