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Posted: 19/05/2020

Letter to parents 19th May

May 19th 2020


Dear Parents


Thank you for all your support with Home School today.

Following our activation of the Google Classroom Guardian feature we have noticed that the weekly summary of work set may indicate work has not been submitted by a student if it has been submitted after the due date. Please ensure your daughter or son has access to Handing in Work through Google Classroom.

We are now moving towards more delivery of live online lessons over Webex or Google Meet with students. This will allow for increasing ‘face-to-face contact’ with teachers after half-term. Clearly, there will be limitations to this - bandwidth issues, group numbers, shared access of facilities at home etc. – and work set in Google classroom will still form the greater part of our curriculum provision, but we hope this greater ‘face-to face contact’ will be a useful development as the summer term progresses.

We will set work in the Google Classroom until this Friday, May 22nd as next week is half-term.


We will then resume setting work in the Google Classroom on Monday, June 1st.


Please see the link to our weeklyFitness Fun Week beginning May 18th. Wednesday’s Tutor Activity is PSHE. Please carry out the activities as a family if you get the opportunity!

Tomorrow, we will be asking Tutors to nominate their Tutees for Special Commendations, which specifically recognize a student’s commitment to completion of the Literacy, Numeracy, PSHE and Quiz activities. We really do wish to recognize as many of our students’ achievements as possible.

In respect to any possible changes to Guidance relating to schools for June – July we will adhere to Guidance but not anticipate it. Guidance is published nationally to us all at the same time – we do not have advance sight of this.


Please stay safe.


Yours sincerely



Sonette Schwartz                                                                           Charles Joseph

Principal                                                                                        Senior Vice Principal