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Posted: 31/03/2020

Letter to parents 31st March

March 31st 2020

Dear Parents

Thank you very much for all your support of your children and their online education over this past week.

We will set work for periods 1 – 6 tomorrow, Wednesday April 1st the last day of term. We will also set a measure of ‘holiday’ work to be completed over the scheduled school holiday.

In addition to ‘holiday’ homework set we recommend that students maintain a daily work routine during the school holiday by use of our E Resources available for the range of subjects or on Student Resources.

Many students and their families are absolutely flying with the current arrangements but those, who only access work irregularly or half-heartedly will find any return to school difficult, so please continue to keep them busy.

We are again providing the links to Key E Resources and Student Resources here.

Overnight Government announced a national voucher scheme for children entitled to Free School Meals. We are not yet in possession of the detail of this, but we do know it will be a weekly term time scheme. We will work hard to ensure the scheme is operational for the first week of next term and will communicate the detail of the scheme to relevant parents as early as we can in the week beginning Monday, April 20th.

From the end of school tomorrow until the first day of the summer term Monday, April 20th teacher email inboxes will be unattended. The school Office email account will be attended at points during the scheduled school holiday and we will deal with urgent inquiries only as quickly as we can.

Some of you have inquired further about scheduled school trips. The position around these remains as per our letter of March 19th. School Trips are all under review and we will cancel these in line with Government Guidance but not in advance of receiving this Guidance. In respect of money, which you have paid and which we have paid to providers we will seek to obtain refunds from the providers, which is clearly difficult in the current circumstances. Where we are unable to obtain a refund from the Trip Provider for whatever reason we will seek to claim against the school insurance. The success of any claim though depends on the wording of Government Guidance in respect of school trips. Ultimately, if we are unable to obtain a refund from the Trip Provider or claim successfully against the school insurance, we will undertake to repay in full any money paid by you. We will however do this only after taking the steps outlined above and this may be a slow process. However, we cannot currently imagine that any School Trips will take place before September 2020.

Today’s P.E. with Joe:

Please stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Sonette Schwartz

Charles Joseph