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Posted: 27/03/2024

KS5 Easter Revision

Dear Year 13 Parent,


This term Year 13 students have been preparing for their final examinations and completing coursework assignments.  There is less than 45 days until the first official examination and as we start the Easter break this is the perfect opportunity for students to turn their thoughts towards their revision plans.

This period of time represents the largest single block of time that students will have outside of school before the examination season begins and it is the perfect time to get organised, get planning, catch up, and start the process of revising. 

We hope you find the parent/teacher consultations useful and that you have been provided with a summary of the materials we have produced for your child to help them revise over the Easter for each subject. These include:


  • Revision Guides, including updated ones which focus on the pre-release material
  • Past Papers and links to the exam websites
  • Exemplar Plans and answers
  • Checklists
  • Revision Booklets
  • Web links
  • The PowerPoints that students were taught from
  • Course Guides



We have tried to provide a mix of paper-based and online resources to allow students to vary their revision activities, but all student materials can be found in the Google Classrooms for individual subjects.

In addition to these I have posted again the Resources Guide and the BPPAC Sixth Form Study Guide in the Year 13 Classroom page that they all have access to. 


You can view the materials we have delivered to our students to help guide them through their revision planning attached to this mail.  I have also included a revision planner to enable students to plan their time effectively over the coming weeks.


Finally, we wish you and your family a very happy and restful Easter.

Best Wishes


Ben Travers

Director of Sixth Form