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Posted: 08/02/2024

Assessments for all Year Groups 




Assessments for all Year Groups 

February 2024 

Dear Parents, 


Your daughter or son’s Assessment Sheet is now available on the SIMS Parent App. These Assessment Grades are based on student learning since November.  


We hope that both you and your child(ren) will find cause for celebration and that the grades they have received will inform their work for this half-term and beyond. 


Full explanation of the Codes used for Assessment Grades will be available with the Assessment Grades but please note particularly the following - 


Areas of Concern for parental information and support: 

Attendance irregular  

Behaviour in class is affecting work 

Coursework or Homework Assignments outstanding 

Equipment for lessons sometimes or often lacking 

Insufficient attention to Coursework or Homework Assignments outside class 

Late to lessons 

Work / Assignments sometimes or often submitted late 

Quality of work / assignments completed not of personal best 


Year 11 and Year 13 students must not regard these Grades as their final Grades. 

Students and their parents should be aware that students have every possibility of improving on the Grades we are currently predicting for them in their subjects - given hard work. Where however, a student does not engage properly in class and homework from here on out they will likely find themselves in the position of performing less well at Public Examination than we currently predict. 


Teachers compile and hold folders of assessed work for students in all Year Groups, and our assessment grades are based on moderated teacher judgements informed by samples of assessed work, undertaken under examination style conditions.  


If you have any query or concern around your daughter or son’s Assessments, please contact their Academy Director.


Yours sincerely, 



Charles Joseph