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Posted: 14/10/2021

Parent Consultation Days For Years 11 & 13 and Years 10 & 12



Parents' Consultation Days

Years 11 & 13 Parents’ Consultation Day on Friday, October 22nd

Years 10 & 12 Parents’ Consultation Day on Monday, November 1st


                                                                                                                        October 14th 2021

Dear Parents


Thank you for your continued support of the school and your daughter or son. 

As per our letter of October 4th, we will host a Parents’ Subject Consultation Day consisting of 5 minute video appointments with subject teachers for Years 11 & 13 students on Friday, October 22nd and for Years 10 & 12 on Monday, November 1st. We are very much looking forward to ‘seeing’ all our students with their parents on these days. The Parents’ Consultation Days will run remotely with the School Cloud system, which we have already used successfully.

The appointments will give students and parents the opportunity to take stock of learning in school since September and that completed during the Home School period from January - March, as well as to discuss next steps to secure the best possible performance in the weeks up to the end of this school year.

Bookings will open tomorrow, Friday at midday and remain open until Wednesday, October 20th at 3pm. It will not be possible to book appointments thereafter.

Friday, October 22nd and Monday, November 1st will run with work set in Google Classroom for all students. Students should stick to their normal timetable and work on those tasks through the day and submit all work at the end of the day. Teachers will also set Homework Assignments in Google Classroom as per the Homework Timetable. No online live lessons will take place with teachers. No student should attend school on either Friday, October 22nd or Monday, November 1st.

Please click the following link to make bookings:

Parents’ Guide – Parent Consultation Days – How to book and attend Video Appointments


Yours Sincerely,


Sonette Schwartz                                                                                    Charles Joseph

Executive Principal                                                                                          Principal