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Posted: 15/07/2021

Letter to Parents 15th July




July 15th 2021

Dear Parents


Today, we are providing summer Work Packs in each subject for students to complete over the summer holiday. These are set out in a weekly format, so students can easily see what tasks they need to complete in a given week. We are also providing a simple Summer Checklist, so parents and students can tick off each subject, as they complete the assignments weekly.


Teachers have worked hard to make these assignments as engaging as possible with use of video clips and range of really interesting resources. Maintaining good and regular study habits over the summer holiday will really help students when they resume in September. There will of course still be plenty of time for them to enjoy themselves with their families.


Please see our documents:   Accessing summer resources       Summer Checklist


When students return we will acknowledge and celebrate all the work they have undertaken over the summer holiday.


We have distributed 6 Lateral Flow Tests to each student during period 6 for use over the holiday. We very much hope students will take two tests weekly as per the schedule below and remind you that these are still available free in most pharmacies and many supermarkets.

It is also our intention to continue Lateral Flow Testing of students once weekly as per our regular schedule, at least until the end of the autumn term.


Year Group

In school test

At home test

Years 13 & 11

Monday AM

Wednesday Evening

Years 12 & 10

Tuesday AM

Thursday Evening

Year 9

Wednesday AM

Saturday Evening

Year 8

Thursday AM

Sunday Evening

Year 7

Friday AM

Tuesday Evening



Please also remember you can order Lateral Flow Test Kits for you and all your family.

Order Rapid Lateral Flow Tests       


Thank you for your support of your daughters and sons and of course of us. This Friday July 16th, is the last day of term. We will run a normal school day and finish at 3pm.

Yours sincerely

Sonette Schwartz   



Charles Joseph

Senior Vice Principal