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Posted: 28/03/2021

Letter to parents 29th March




 March 29th 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians

Thank you for all your support of us this week. We are immensely grateful to you that the vast majority of students now report carrying out a once weekly Lateral Flow Test at home. However, rates of home testing are lower amongst Sixth Form students than for the rest of the school.

During the school holiday, please carry on testing –twice weekly rather than once a week.

Please remember to keep ordering Lateral Flow Test Kits for you and your family.

Order Rapid Lateral Flow Tests           

If your daughter or son tests positive between this Wednesday and the following Monday, April 5th please let us know by email to the school office account.

It is our intention to continue testing students once weekly as per our regular schedule in the summer term.

Year Group

In school test

At home test


Years 13 & 11

Monday AM

Wednesday Evening


Years 12 & 10

Tuesday AM

Thursday Evening


Year 9

Wednesday AM

Saturday Evening


Year 8

Thursday AM

Sunday Evening


Year 7

Friday AM

Tuesday Evening


Early this week teachers will be placing Easter holiday revision assignments in the Google Classroom for Years 11 and 13 students. The focus of this work will be aimed squarely at assessments, which we will carry out early in the summer term to inform the Centre Assessed Grades we will be submitting to Examination Boards. The last day this term for our after school examination focused remote revision sessions for Years 11, 12 & 13 will be this Wednesday.

Kent Police have informed us that they will be identifying a named Police Officer for every school in the County over the coming months, in order to reinforce liaison with schools and

The communities they serve. We view this as a highly positive development, which effectively reestablishes a pre-existing system. For reference, see their leaflet:

Introducing Schools’ Officers.

Yours Sincerely,

Sonette Schwartz


Charles Joseph

Senior Vice Principal