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Posted: 27/01/2021

Letter to parents 27th January




 January 27th 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians


Thank you for your support of Home School today.

We are making a change to our Parents’ Days for Years 7 & 8 scheduled for Monday, February 22nd. This event will now take place remotely via video appointment. We will provide you with further information and details about how bookings may be made next week.

Our IT technicians have now prepared and provided for loan a large number of computers, cameras and routers. We can now move to a further phase of preparing and loaning equipment to students. Where students may be struggling with shared equipment in their household, we would like to assist by offering the loan of school equipment. We do not wish for lack of equipment to be a barrier to students’ attending Live Online lessons and / or completing class- and homework assignments to their highest personal standard. If this may support the learning of your daughter or son, please let us know by contacting . We will then place you on a waiting list, which we will work through as quickly as possible.

Our Guidance Managers continue to work hard to make telephone contact with families this to check on student welfare and to raise any concerns we may have around student attendance to Live Online lessons or submission of assignments.


This week subject teachers will be signposting students to pre-recorded lessons for their subject on BBC i-player and Oak National Academy as a complement to – but not instead of - Brockhill Live Online lessons.


Lockdown Learning: BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy


We are doing this, in order to maximise the variety of subject specific content we provide to students.


The Daily Tutor Time activity tomorrow is:



Students should access the Daily Tutor Time materials and submit their work to their Daily Tutor at the end of each day.


Please do ensure your child has chosen a book from our Digital Library

and is reading for 20 minutes daily.


This week’s WONDE system voucher in respect of Free School Meals is already activated. Please see our Parent and Guardian ordering document.


We have activated vouchers for Free School Meals today.


We want all our students to remain safe by following the National Lockdown Guidance


as well as to remember social distancing, hand washing and face coverings, so as to play their part in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.


Yours Sincerely,

Sonette Schwartz 



Charles Joseph

Senior Vice Principal