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Posted: 15/10/2020

Parents Consultation Days For Years 10, 11, 12 & 13



Parents’ Consultation Days

Years 10 and Year 12 Monday, November 2nd 10am – 6pm
Years 11 and Year 13 Tuesday, November 3rd 10am – 6pm

                                                                                                              October 2020
Dear Parents 

Thank you for your continued support of the school and your daughter or son.  

As per our letter of September18th and InTouch messages of last Friday we will host Parents’ Subject Consultation Days for Year 10, 11, 12 & 13 students on the days and times shown above. We hope and are very much looking forward to seeing all our students with their parents on these days. 

This will give students and parents the opportunity to take stock of learning since September as well as that completed during the Home School period including the summer holiday, and discuss next steps, in order to achieve the highest possible levels of success this school year.

These days will be socially distanced and we request students and parents to wear a face covering or visor when they attend site, as well as follow the signed one way systems we have created in recent weeks and, when passing each other, doing so generally on the right. Meetings will be held in all teaching rooms across the site, so please allow for 5 minutes movement time between appointments. If you have particular access requirements please let us know in advance by mail to the school office account.

We are using an online booking system for appointments and we invite you to make use of this as soon as you know your availability. We will close bookings on any particular day or time, once we reach the cut-off point beyond which social distancing would become difficult. It will not be possible to attend on any day without pre-booked appointments and we will close bookings for each of these days at midday on Thursday, October 22nd.

On arrival please sign in at The Terrace Restaurant before meeting with Subject Teachers.   Whilst signing in please take time to view a range of study support information and resources available to support your son/daughter.   

We will be monitoring the booking system closely as it is the first time we will be using it.

The Booking system will be open from after school on Thursday. Please click the following link thereafter to make bookings:

Yours sincerely

Sonette Schwartz                                       


Charles Joseph

Senior Vice Principal