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Posted: 24/09/2020

Free School Meals and Links to Information about other possible Financial Support 

September 24th 2020

Dear Parents,

We are aware that for many of our families, their situations have changed due to Covid-19 and we wanted to advertise some support you can access should you ever find yourself in a place where you might need it. 

We would encourage all parents to apply for Free School Meals whose financial situation changes or has already changed. It might even be that you could already qualify without even knowing it. 
If you qualify, you could save yourself £450 per year, per child. 

It is a very simple application process. You can call 03000 415123 with details of your date of birth and your national insurance number and they will give you an immediate decision. 

An alternative way to apply is online here –

Free school meals are given to students discreetly.  All students queue for their food and use their fob in the exact same way, regardless of them paying from the fob or paying with the free school meal.  We do not advertise those who receive free school meals nor are students treated differently.

It is always worth applying, even if you find yourself unemployed for a short period of time as the support is immediate and runs long term by giving more funding to the school. 

You can also seek support from #KentTogether scheme. They can help with 
•    making sure you have enough food and supplies
•    picking up prescriptions 
•    making sure you have someone to talk to by phone, Skype or Facetime 

For more information please follow the link here:

And their application form is here:

#KentTogether will support families, even if they do not qualify for free school meals. 

If you need more information about this, please contact

Yours Sincerely,
Sonette Schwartz            



Charles Joseph

Senior Vice Principal