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Posted: 20/07/2020

Letter to parents 20th July

July 20th 2020


Dear Parents


Thank you for your support with Home School today.

We are providing Work Packs in each subject for students to complete over the summer holiday. These are set out in a weekly format, so students can easily see what tasks they need to complete in a given week. We are also providing a simple Summer Checklist, so parents and students can tick off each subject, as they complete the assignments weekly. Teachers have worked hard to make these assignments as engaging as possible with use of video clips and range of really interesting resources.


We want all our student in all Year Groups to perform to the very best of their ability when they resume in September. Maintaining good and regular study habits over the summer holiday will support them to do this. However, we fully understand that at this distance in time parents will know better than we what is appropriate for their child.


Please see our documents:

Accessing summer resources

 Summer Checklist


When students return we will acknowledge all the work they undertake over the summer holiday.

We hope your received your weekly Guardian Summary email about work carried out by your daughter or son in Google Classroom last Friday. If not please do contact us and we will help with the setup.

Please do check with your daughter or son that they are receiving work for all lessons every day and do let us know if this is not the case. We will be setting work and delivering face to face lessons on line every day up until the last day of term, Wednesday, July 22nd.

Please also take a moment to check the work your daughter or son is submitting so they always submit work, which is of their best personal standard.

Tomorrow, Tuesday’s Tutor Time activity is Numeracy.

We are planning for full reopening in September and basing our planning around the recently published Guidance.

Between now and the end of term we will provide you with details of our planning.

Stay safe.


Yours sincerely


Sonette Schwartz                                                            Charles Joseph

Principal                                                                          Senior Vice Principal