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Posted: 22/04/2020

Free School Meals Ecode Scheme

Free School Meals Ecode Scheme

operated by Edenred

for the Department for Education

April 23rd 2020

Dear Parents

We are writing with an update following our letters of April 7th and 10th.

Thank you for your patience over the holiday with this. Our Administrator worked through the Easter weekend submitting orders as and when the Edenred system allowed this. The system was overwhelmed and orders submitted by schools were fulfilled very slowly.

A certain amount of apparently random cancellation of orders by Edenred, followed shortly afterwards by their reinstatement, also caused some concerns. We are really sorry about this but it was something over which we had no control, and unfortunately we have no mean of contacting Edenred directly.

Moving forward, we recommend very rapid redemption of Ecodes once you receive them, just in case the issue of random cancellation rears its ahead again. Also, Ecodes are only valid for 30 days and Edenred will not reissue these, once they expire.

When we put through our next order for Ecodes we intend to submit a single order for the period up until half term, or as near to that point as the system will allow us to go.

We are providing a link to the Parents and Carers FAQ for your attention and information. Click here. Please read it carefully as it contains all relevant information as to how you exchange your eCode for an eGift for the supermarket of your choice.

Unfortunately, you cannot just take the ECode you receive to the supermarket.

Please stay safe.


Yours sincerely

Sonette Schwartz                                  Charles Joseph