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Posted: 07/04/2020

Free School Meals Ecode Scheme

Free School Meals Ecode Scheme

Operated by Edenred

For the Department for Education

April 7th 2020

Dear Parents

We are now in possession of the detail of how the scheme will operate.

It will operate by a system of Ecodes, which will be sent to the email address we hold for you and which we checked via our letter of April 2nd.

Despite earlier indications that the scheme would operate term time only, it has been made available with immediate effect. Accordingly, we will backdate our operation of the scheme to Monday, April 6th.

The Ecodes will be sent to you by Edenred, hopefully by Friday. From what we can see today the system is already overwhelmed and orders submitted by schools are not being fulfilled immediately. is aware of this and has given assurances it will increase capacity to deal with the high number of requests over the coming days.

We have also linked a Parents and Carers FAQ for your attention and information, please click here. Please read it carefully as it contains all relevant information as to how you exchange your eCode for an eGift for the supermarket of your choice. We have no other information.

We intend to operate the scheme weekly from here on out. We will watch the Edenred system closely and generally request dispatch of codes midweek.

Yours sincerely

Sonette Schwartz                                                                                                           Charles Joseph

Principal                                                                                                                           Senior Vice Principal