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Posted: 03/02/2020

Year 11 Walking, Talking Mock and Pre-public GCSE Practice Examinations

Year 11 Walking, Talking Mock and Pre-public GCSE Practice Examinations 2020


January 2020


Dear Parents


During this school year we will make regular use of the last week before school holidays to give students practical examination experience in the Hall. We will vary the subjects we examine each ½ term but place emphasis on English and Mathematics. Through the school year we aim to provide students with regular examination practice across the range of subjects, going through examination papers carefully after we have sat them.


As we approach the end of term students will sit ‘Walking Talking Mock Examinations’

(teachers give help in these) and ‘Pre-public Examinations’ (teachers do not help in these) in English Language, Mathematics, Science and Citizenship.

Results from these practice examinations then inform us as to how we can best help individual students in our teaching.


In addition to these examinations and regular, timetabled classes, we will be supporting individual and small groups of students in intervention classes to ensure they achieve the best possible grades in subjects where there might be a wide disparity between their current and predicted grades.


We are also running GCSE revision classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays after school in two sessions each evening, so students can attend revision classes in up to 6 subjects each week, if they move quickly between the sessions!

Students will be emailed examination timetables for ‘Walking Talking Mock’ and ‘Pre-public’ GCSE examination commencing 10th February 2020.


Yours sincerely

  Charles Joseph Senior

  Vice Principal