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Posted: 24/08/2023

Brockhill Park Performing Arts College - GCSE Results Press Release




Brockhill Park Performing Arts College

GCSE Results Press Release

Brockhill Park Performing Arts College is again celebrating strong GCSE results. We pause to reflect on just what this passage means for this Year Group currently as this is the first set of results where students have sat exams since 2019 where no allowance for time missed during Covid was applied; and we celebrate the individual successes and triumphs of our students.

Some of our students have achieved exceptional results. 

Hannah Gomersall achieved two GCSEs at grade 9 in English Literature and Biology, five GCSE’s at grade 8 and three GCSE’s at grade 7. Poppy Keirle-Simpson achieved a grade 8 in French, one grade 7, five grade 6’s and one grade 5. Isabella Hart achieved grade 8’s in English Language, English Literature and Art, plus two grade 6’s and three grade 5 results.

Other high achievers include Karla Maslen who achieved a Distinction* in Dance, grade 8 in English Language, an additional five grade 7’s and six grade 6 results. Kaitlin Scott gained a Distinction* in Animal Care plus two grade 7’s, two grade 6’s and five grade 5 results.

We are very proud of all our year 11 students of whom very many are returning to our Sixth Form in September. We are looking forward to seeing them!

Families and teachers play a crucial role in the success of this school and I thank our parents for their support and our teachers for their unstinting dedication to our students.

Charles Joseph


Hannah GomersallPoppy Keirle Simpson

Karla MaslenKaitlin Scott