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Posted: 12/06/2023

Letter to Parents and Students of Year 11 - Preparing for Sixth Form Success



June 12th 2023

Letter to Parents and Students of Year 11

Preparing for Sixth Form Success

Dear Parents and Year 11 students

We are writing again following our letter of last Monday, June 6th.

We are pleased to confirm our Sixth Form Induction will go ahead on site from Monday, July 3rd – Wednesday, July 5th.

This will consist of A level lessons, as well as social events during the days organised by Mr Travers, Ms Mandis, Ms Paynter and Ms Hoy. We want Sixth Form Induction to be enjoyable as well as challenging!

During Induction students will attend lessons in their 4 chosen courses.

At the end of Induction, after Wednesday, July 5th, students will be given the opportunity to confirm their courses again and at that stage they will be able to choose 3 courses (or 4 if they wish!). Their choice of courses will of course be subject to their meeting the entry requirements for each course from results issued in August.

From immediately after Induction students will be set Assignments in Google Classroom for each week until the end of term in their chosen A level subjects. In addition, there will be a once weekly Live Online Tutorial until the end of term delivered for each A level subject through Webex by their A level subject teacher.

Then, for the summer holiday we will be setting Assignments in Google Classroom for each of a student’s chosen subjects, which will serve as a ‘Passport to A level Study in Year 12.’

We believe making this early start will be vital to students’ eventual success at A level in 2025 and we want to give them the Best Start Possible.

Mr Travers will send you a full programme for Sixth Form Induction nearer the time.

Thank you for all your support as we and the students start out on the Sixth Form journey.

Yours sincerely


Charles Joseph