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Posted: 06/01/2023

Letter to Parents 6th January 2023




6th January 2023

Dear Parents and students 

Happy New Year!  

We welcomed students back to school on Tuesday morning and  have held assemblies for students in all Year Groups to mark the New Year stressing the importance of kindness, how we treat each other in our words and actions and reminding students of their roles as ambassadors for the whole school community on the way to and from school. Students have also reflected on their 2022 achievements and identified goals for 2023 in today’s Family Friday session. 

Year 11 students have set about further Pre Public Examinations in preparation for their GCSEs in the summer. 

Our wonderful Terrace restaurant colleagues researched and prepared some traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes, which we have all been able to discover, to mark Christmas for those students, who celebrate Christmas on January 7th according to the Gregorian calendar. 

Just prior to the holiday we sent letters of commendation to the parents of 993 students for their consistent submission of personal best class and homework assignments and would love to be able to do the same again in February. So, please do encourage your daughter or son to concentrate on submitting their personal best class and homework assignments right across the curriculum. 

Key here though is ‘consistent,’ not necessarily ‘perfect’ in respect of homework. We continue to emphasise to students the importance of homework and will resume our reporting to parents of homework not submitted via text message next week but will remain focused on the bigger picture of recognising student achievement and commitment. A young person, who forgets to submit a homework assignment may otherwise be working very hard, and we will acknowledge and celebrate this.  

Emporia Uniforms in Ashford have now informed us they are up and running with Brockhill uniform, so together with Channel Uniforms in Folkestone there is a choice of location for our families as well as competitive prices. 

Please do remember though we hold a healthy stock of laundered pre-loved school uniform items following the generous donations from so many families in the autumn. These are available here at school on parental request for a very modest voluntary donation. If on the other hand you have any items of uniform your daughter or son has outgrown, we would be delighted to receive these at our Mansion main reception or in the Student Office, as they may be of help to another student.  

Yours sincerely, 

Charles Joseph