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Posted: 21/07/2022

Letter to Parents 21st July




July 21st 2022 

Dear Parents and students 

Today, the weather was kind to us, so students and staff could enjoy the Brockhill Trek and an ice cream to end the term and with it the school year.  

Since Easter, we have been able to undertake a wide variety of school trips to places near – Geography Field Trips - and further afield to London museums and universities. Students have also represented Brockhill at the Kent Show and assisting in primary schools as Arts Ambassadors and Sport Leaders.  

Many of our students are also participating in the Instep Dance show, which has received rave reviews!  

Enrichment activities at and away from school are so vital for young people’s development, and it is so lovely that these are once more the order of the day. 

We say goodbye to a number of colleagues this term, thank them for their contribution to the life of this school and wish them well in retirement or their next positions. Most notably, of course, Mrs Schwartz has now left us. She leaves behind a thriving and successful school, as well as a professional example to emulate! 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the students back in September.  

Tuesday 6th September 2022  

Years 7 & 12 on site 

Wednesday 7th September 2021  

All Years on site 


Here, is a link to all the previous resources and information we have sent to you in these past weeks. Resources and Information 

Once again, thank you for everything. We wish you and your children well for the summer. 

Yours sincerely 

Charles Joseph