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One of our many aims at Brockhill is to ensure our students leave school with an expert ability to communicate effectively. We want our young people to enter the world with a proficient grasp of both spoken and written English.


Travelling Literacy Targets

Every term, students will select a ‘Travelling Literacy Target’. They will then aim to work in this literacy target in every subject. At the end of the term, students will reflect on whether they have achieved their target or made progress towards achieving it. If they have, they will select another target or continue with the same target if they feel they need more time working on it.


Please ask your son/daughter what his/her ‘Travelling Literacy Target’ is.


TLT 1 Use full stops correctly .

TLT 2 Use capital letters correctly Aa Bb

TLT 3 Use paragraphs correctly //

TLT 4 Use apostrophes correctly '

TLT 5 Use commas correctly ,

TLT 6 Use semicolons correctly ;

TLT 7 Use colons correctly :

TLT 8 Develop use of vocabulary happy= elated

TLT 9 Use a variety of punctuation for effect . , : ; ! ? -

TLT 10 Use a variety of sentence structures for effect simple, compound, complex

TLT 11 Develop your use of connectives although, however...

TLT 12 Use a variety of sentence starters


Literacy feedback

When giving feedback on students’ work, staff apply the following symbols to support students’ literacy attainment.