Summer Exams Timetable 2017

Please see below the Summer 2017 Exam timetable.
All students have been issued their Individual Exam timetable which details the exam times , rooms and seating arrangements.
Not all students sitting the same xam paper will have the exam at the same time or in the same room - so please ensure you check.
Below is purely a guide.
All the examination regulations can be found on the school website, on the noticeboard in the schools Saga canteen aand have been emailed .
Failure to follow the examination regulations could lead to disqualification
Some students have more than 1 exam per day - please ebsure that you bring plenty to eat and drink. If you have an exam clash you will not be released to go to the canteen.
Most importantly
Good Luck
Any concerns do not hesitate to contact the school
Click here to download timetable