Letter from the Principal 24/02

Dear Parent / Guardian

We have had a very busy year and are delighted in overall student engagement. Please inform us of any changes to your child’s medical needs and any changes of address or telephone numbers. If your son/daughter has lost clothing please remind them to collect items at the student office. We have a great deal of lost property that needs to be collected.

We are very proud that so far this year we have raised £4693.72 for the following charities:

• Children in Need = £1359.14

• Christmas Jumper Day = £532.02

• Jeans for Genes = £1127.14

• Kent Air Ambulance = £532.07

• Kings College Hospital = £86.17

• Macmillan Cancer = £108

* Our sponsor orphanage in Uganda = £949.18

Please allow me to take this opportunity to inform you of an event in the Saltwood Church on 25th March at 6pm, the local choir; Cantores Dominicae will be performing. Information available from the church. Please click here to view the flyer

We expect students to attend every day unless unwell. Please let us know when your child is unwell. There is now a lot of evidence nationally to suggest that students- whose attendance falls below 98% achieve significantly less well than their peers who have 98% attendance or better. It is for this reason that we have decided that students without 98% attendance will put their places on school trips at risk.

Thank you for sending you child to school in the correct uniform, with a reading book and with the correct equipment. Students not in uniform will be sent home or have their non-uniform items confiscated and only returned to a parent.

I run surgeries for parents with concerns on Wednesday afternoons. Please ring for an appointment if you wish to see me.

Kind Regards


Mrs Schwartz