Peter Catmull Theatre


The Peter Catmull Theatre at Brockhill Park Performing Arts College is equipped with a 150 capacity theatre space with room for seating expansion if necessary. As we are based at BPPAC, we have lots of parking on the school grounds whether that is in the main car park or in the overflow areas at the top of the site. 


We have 2 large dressing room areas equipped with toilets, allowing up to 50 people in each room. As well as our dressing room areas, we also have an additional space to the rear of the theatre, the ‘Crush Hall’, which can be used as either a rehearsal space, a dressing room or Front of House space. If you decide you need need a Front of House space but still require the Crush Hall for something else, you can also hire our Saga Canteen to use as Front of House space; this is in a neighbouring building to the Theatre. The additional Crush Hall is equipped with a male toilet, female toilet and a disabled toilet.


The main theatre space is equipped with top of the range sound and lighting equipment which can be configured to suit your requirements. We have a range of generic and intelligent lighting fixtures, microphones and staging platforms; for a more detailed list see our ‘BPPAC PCT Theatre Inventory’ on the 'Technical Specification' page on the left hand site of this website, you can also see our 'BPPAC PCT Theatre Layout' on the same page.


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