Mr Ben Travers - Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Jill Oliver – Careers Co-Ordinator

Mr Chris Harries - CXK PA

CXK - Intensive Support Worker

Information is provided for all school students within the pastoral programme, with the help of the CXK team.  Resources are held in the careers library which is situated in the 6 th Form Learning Resources Centre in the Saga Building which is open at all times

During Key Stage 3, pupils develop their emerging adult identity. This involves feeling positive about themselves, believing that they can have a career and pursuing realistically high aspirations. Pupils begin to use goal setting and action planning to manage their progress and achievement. They learn to cope with future transitions by reflecting on how they handled the transition from primary to secondary school. They also learn about the challenges and opportunities of different life-roles, especially those associated with families, relationships, citizenship and working life. Pupils extend their knowledge and understanding of work activities using information and research skills to investigate particular occupations and organisations which interest them. They also make progress in finding out how they learn best and how to manage their own learning. They investigate and choose particular subjects, courses and qualification for Key Stage 4 and beyond. In doing this, they acquire a range of skills associated with choices and decision making, including realistic self-appraisal, matching themselves to opportunities, using guidance, negotiation and a flexible outlook.

During Year 11 all pupils will have a group session with the school CXK Adviser, and at least one interview to help them explore all post sixteen options and make informed choices. These interviews will support pupils who wish to make applications for employment of Further Education.

We offer "drop in" sessions on Tuesdays